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Here is where I showcase some of my work!

Neural Style Transfer
December 2019

Using Pytorch, my friends and I explored neural style transfer, the idea of using a pre-trained deep neural network to transfer the style of one image onto another. I designed a new loss function and wrote code to combine more than 1 styles onto a content image.

Personal Portfolio Website
July 2019

This site is a project of mine to learn web development on my own. I built it with React.js and Gatsby. It is deployed and hosted through Netlify. There a lot more website to come!

Path to Success | A Data Visualization
December 2018

Together with some frends of mine, we tell a story of higher education in the United States through various data visualizations. We built the expierence with HTML and CSS using D3.js for the visualizations.

Deal Finder | Alexa App
August 2018

A cool hackathon project built with some fellow interns. Deal Finder is an Alexa app that finds good deals when prompted with a category and/or a location. The app model is built with the Alexa Skills kit and is supported with a Node.js Lambda backend.

Analysis of Police Shootings
October 2017

Another much earlier data visualization, this time using R for data wrangling and creating graphs and Shiny build our website. The data was sourced from 538.

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