Hey! My name is

Richard Jiang

I am a software developer from Portland, studying in Seattle.

Right now I'm using Javascript, React.js and C# to build better user experiences at Microsoft.

Have anything you'd like to discuss?

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Cool Recent Tech I use:



Cloud Services


As a developer and aspiring educator, my motto is

"Never stop learning and never stop teaching"

I aim to bring a collborative and open-mindedness culture everywhere I go. My goal is to positively impact others through my work, whether that be through a software solution that improves a customer's experience or by educating others and helping them find their passions.

Featured Project

Neural Style Transfer
December 2019

Using Pytorch, my friends and I explored neural style transfer, the idea of using a pre-trained deep neural network to transfer the style of one image onto another. I designed a new loss function and wrote code to combine more than 1 styles onto a content image.

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